Buggy Days

Over the past couple weeks, I’d say since Season 2 started, I’ve been noticing Guild Wars 2 being a bit more buggy than normal. I’ve gotten use to the occasional visual glitch in game but have noted some new ones (at least for me) that have started up with the arrival of season 2. Only one I find the concerning, the other two are minor nuisances I can live with.

Glitch 1: Crash-Popping Noise

I know this is an old one that numerous others have encountered off and on since the beta testing days. However, for me they only started since Season 2 and only occur in the new areas of the map that are part of Season 2. I haven’t encountered the noise anywhere else. I have to say that it sometimes scares the crap out of me especially when I’m in a relatively quiet moment (running or some other innocuous thing) and “BANG!!”. And did I mention that it really does hurt the ears at times? Good thing I’m not asuran.

I think I may have actually caught the sound while recording some game play but I still need to sort through the sound files to be certain. If I find it I’ll post it and send it off to Anet. I guess I should consider myself lucky in not having to suffer the other major known sound bug in Guild Wars 2: the siren. I’ve listened to that on YouTube and must say that is down right annoying.

Sadly crash-pop bug appears to have no resolution as yet based on my brief search of assorted message boards and whatnot in the fandom.

Glitch 2: The Floating City of Divinity’s Reach

This is another new big for me that is both amusing and annoying. Basically when zoning in to Divinity’s Reach the floor (for lack of a better term) doesn’t render and leaves everyone/everything looking like its floating in space. Usually this resolves itself in about a minute, but I’ve had a few occasions where I had to rezone to correct the glitch. It also doesn’t seem to matter what I have settings at. Fortunately, this isn’t a constant issues or I’d be concerned. It just happens enough since Season 2 updates for me notice and find occasional amusement in.

Glitch 3: Dead of Winter Personal Story

Had some minor buggy moments with this for my sylvari mesmer, Tattva Duskbloom, in which the both the traps and the torches didn’t activate. A mild annoyance (especially since it wouldn’t open up the gate to get to the Tomb of Mazdak and had to restart twice before it would finally trigger properly. But then it seems Tattva’s entire storyline has been glitchy for a while now, so maybe it’s normal, maybe not.

Brief Omadd’s Machine Thought

So I was watching the cinematic for Omadd’s Machine for the bazillionth time (What can I say? I think its a great cinematic moment) and I keep get a weird, niggling in my head when we see the map with the pale tree at the center.

The thought that keeps bugging me is this: the map seems similar to the one for Guild Wars’ Realm of Torment. I don’t think it’s exactly the same based on what I remember but I’m pretty sure its a similar layout. I really should check out the Realm of Torment map and compare it with what’s seen on Omadd’s Machine of the Eternal Alchemy. It’s probably just a similar thematic type layout but it might prove interesting to see if there is some subtle tie between the two. If there is that would be kinda awesome for those who love the lore and history¬†of the Guild Wars franchise.