Gates of Maguuma: Dry Top Achievements

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Some comments on the Gates of Maguuma: Dry Top Achievements. Potential Spoiler Alert for those who’ve not started Season 2 of the Guild Wars 2 storyline.


Dry Top: Nochtli
Dry Top: Nochtli

I have to say I’ve greatly enjoyed the beginning of Season 2 with the opening up of region Dry Top on the map as well as the storyline and achievements. While the achievements can be frustrating in some cases (like finding all the coins for the Coin Collector: Prospect Valley and the many pitfalls encountered for the Dive Master achievement) over all they are well balanced, neither too easy or too difficult to do with some patience and perseverance (and maybe the occasional Mesmer port when your patience ends). Granted I’ve yet to best Nochtli for the Sparring Rock Master achievement though a group of us came close the day before. (We never did figure out what happened since it looked like we were successful but then got the failure message. Ah well. I’ll probably try my Engineer instead of my Ranger next time.)

So the achievements list is this:


Prospect Valley Crash Site Climber

Actually a rather enjoyable jumping puzzle once you get the hang of things. It is frustrating at first when you think you correctly made a jump and end up a splatter on the desert floor. Fortunately there is almost someone about that will rez you from such mishaps.
Dive Master: Prospect Valley

This one is one of the more tricky achievements on two counts: getting to the dive platform and then successfully making the dive.Getting to the dive platform will require you to make use of the air aspect to make the leap up to the diving platform (which can be annoying). Or you can wait for a nice helpful Mesmer to port you there. I actually made the jump the first to the platform, but crashed on the dive. The next attempt a friendly Mes took me up, but I crashed again. Same Mes ported me a third time in which I was successful in the dive. I then spent about a half hour hanging out near the start of the puzzle to rez those who had fallen.

Hit and Run

Hit ’em with a rock.

Easy enough to do.Wait for the collect crystal shards event, grab a rock and wait for some foolish Inquest to make a go for the crystal. Let him grab and let your rock fly.

Legendary Llama Locator

Another easy one so long as you make sure to have both the Sun Crystal dash and assisted leap (which is quite useful in getting safely out of the quicksand and on your way up the path to the llama).

Coin Collector: Prospect Valley

Easy enough to do if you can find all the coins. Some are pretty tricky to find and well hidden away. I was able to find 28 of 30 before breaking down and checking out assorted GW2 Community guides to find the two missing coins.

Quicksand Survivor

Haven’t done this one yet. Doesn’t look too hard. (Right. Famous last word.)

The Hunt of Buried Treasure: Prospect Valley

Extremely easy. Wait for a sandstorm, make sure you have Zephyrite lockpicks, and you’re good to go hunting. Some pretty decent stuff from the chests too, IMO. (At least for me.)

Sparring Rock Master

Haven’t completed yet, as I mentioned earlier a group I was with came close but no luck.

Llama Drama

Easy to achieve. Wait for Skritt Burglar (roughly 40 minutes past the hour)  and chests to spawn. Pop ’em and then auto attack to get turned into a llama. Some Rangers said they had problems with their pet getting changed instead of them but I didn’t have any trouble. In one run I got changed into a llama three times. Whether that was a glitch or something I couldn’t say.

I like the environment they’ve developed for the aptly named Dry Top, including the weather effects like the sandstorms. Kind of reminds me of home in Arizona during the monsoons when the dust storms roll in. Makes things interesting in game when running around, though I came to realize I knew the map pretty well after running around without needing to refer to the map to get around in the storms, particularly in the high elevation areas with their many pitfalls.

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