The Dragon’s Reach, Part 1

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Anet released a new vid their Guild Wars 2 YouTube Channel for the next episode of Season 2, The Dragon’s Reach, Part 1 set to start July 29. For the most part the vid is fairly typical fare but did have some interesting bits that have a number of GW2 fandom ablaze with speculation and talk.

(Warning: Possible Spoilers for Guild Wars 2)What’s got everyone in a tizzy?

Not the whole needing to reunite Tyria (again) to face the threat of the rising Mordremoth. Seriously, if the races of Tyria were stupid enough to fracture and stop cooperating after the events with Zhaitan then  I’m kind of with Scarlett on this one: “too late.”

So what’s the big fuss? Well, namely the return of the much (fan) beloved Tribune Rytlock Brimstone. But even more importantly: a scene which implies Rytlock attempting to lift King Adelbern’s curse using the sword Sohothin (or Magdaer). This has set a storm of discussion over what this scene means and its implications and impact on the game.

Can a charr lift a human curse?

That seems to be the most hotly debated question given that lore implies only the “rightful king of Ascalon” can use either sword (Sohothin/Magdaer) to lift the legacy of the Foefire. I tend to think the video is showing an attempt to lift the curse by Rytlock but not necessarily in the way we may think and likely not entirely for the reasons we think.

Is Rytlock the “rightful king”? No. He’s Charr. Khan-Ur material? Sure, but a king no. I think having a charr lift a human curse would in some ways diminish the import and power of the original curse by making the solution too easy (relatively speaking) to end. A more interesting twist is that only a human who was the “rightful king of Ascalon” being able end the curse or through their consent a proxy (ala Rytlock) to carry out their will.

This leads me to…

A return of old friends

Obviously there is Rytlock, apparently being contacted by Rox. (At I think it’s Rox.)

We also see a return of Eir Stegalkin (in a scene with her son Braham approaching her), which makes sense if their going to tie in Magdaer into the storyline with Rytlock.

I kind of hope we see a return for some of the other members of Destiny’s Edge like Logan, Zojja and (given some implication with the jungle dragon) Caithe at some point in Season 2.

All exciting stuff to ponder in any case. Looking forward to seeing how everything ties together.

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