Brief Omadd’s Machine Thought

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So I was watching the cinematic for Omadd’s Machine for the bazillionth time (What can I say? I think its a great cinematic moment) and I keep get a weird, niggling in my head when we see the map with the pale tree at the center.

The thought that keeps bugging me is this: the map seems similar to the one for Guild Wars’ Realm of Torment. I don’t think it’s exactly the same based on what I remember but I’m pretty sure its a similar layout. I really should check out the Realm of Torment map and compare it with what’s seen on Omadd’s Machine of the Eternal Alchemy. It’s probably just a similar thematic type layout but it might prove interesting to see if there is some subtle tie between the two. If there is that would be kinda awesome for those who love the lore and history of the Guild Wars franchise.

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