Tyria This Week

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This week in Tyria I did the following:

  • Restarted playing Edge of the Mists. Got accused of being a spy for another server (LOL!) and harassed some (not so LOL, but got things cleared up). Weird people. EotM is “srs bsns” for some I guess. I could understand the attitude more were it say for one of the top slots for the WvW Leaderboards. Still, good over all. Some days we owned, others we got owned.
  • Made a couple new characters: Arbatus, a male sylvari guardian, and Gena Redmane, a female human warrior.
  • Several other characters moving up in levels.
  • Finally got the last two coins for Coin Collector Challenger Cliffs. I knew were one was. Just slightly difficult getting to it due to the part I call the Assisted Leap of Faith, the rest was cake. I finally broke down to look at Dulfy to find the missing one, which turned out to be easy once I learned were it was located.

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