GW2 Revenant Gameplay

Revenant Game-play Day 1

I do have a rather embarrassing incident at the beginning involving RI.

Very quickly I came to wonder if revenant had some speed or quickness that they could use as I felt like the profession was slow; slow in running, slow in skills, just…slow. And slightly weak on damage at times. At least that is how it felt at moments. To be fair, this is only a beta, and I am not fully skilled on the professions skills and specializations. I’m sure there is some sort of combination out there that would satisfy my desire for a little bit more speed/quickness for the profession in a setting like EotM.

Ed. Note: The above paragraph was originally written prior to the devs announced changes to the skills and specializations for the Revenant, some of which address my concerns.

GW2 Golem Rush Video

Since I’m still working on my revenant series videos I thought I’d share this quick little vid showing some of the Golem Rush action taking place in EotM. Not as many golems as seen on Friday but still a good amount with a mix of Scorpions “for the hell of it” as our commander put it at one point.

First part is a lot of running with the real action starting about 2 minutes in. First attempt at doing any sort of music video so hopefully this wont completely suck.