Guild Wars 2: Revenant Initial Thoughts

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Revenant Beta Test Initial Thoughts

Rev Gena - Generic Beta Revenant appearance
Rev Gena – Beta Revenant

First off, I’m extremely impressed with the over all feel of the revenant profession; from the distinct armor, skills, and color choices used in the assorted graphics associated to the profession. In just the short amount of time I played the revenant I think I fell in love with Guild Wars 2 again. It felt fresh and invigorating to try to work out the game mechanics, to varying degrees of success.

So here is my standard disclaimer. The following may contain spoilery content on Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

I’ll be posting some more commentary and videos in the coming days, but for now here are a few brief comments:

Note that today (10 Jul 2015) I only used a Hammer in actual EotM play while briefly tried the other weapons of the profession while in Lion’s Arch and thus possibly skewing my perception of the revenant game mechanics so far.

  • Gorgeous armor.
  • Dye boxes for armor was just adequate but still made it possible for some rather striking color choices and combinations to be made.
  • Great looking hammer.
  • Just average looking mace, axe, and staff.
  • Transitions between legendary stances was at times awesome, others struck me as amusing.
  • The energy dynamic is really interesting to play, but easy to get used to.
  • Some brilliant moments of game play. I and a guardian I frequently zerg with in the Mists seemed to have a great synergy between the professions. I got cocky at one point as it seemed like we couldn’t be killed. Naturally, I got mowed down when I pushed too far into the enemy zerg.
  • Some seemingly awkward animation for the hammer at times. And it felt slow in some situations. Easy enough to compensate for after a few tries, but not quite smoothed out.
  • I didn’t adjust the specializations much, but there are some notable ones I will try out as I continue my test using the different weapons.

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