Guild Wars 2: Revenant Thoughts, Day 2

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Revenant PvP Basic Test
Revenant PvP Basic Test

Revenant Thoughts, Day 2

I’ll be organizing my thoughts and videos on the revenant over the next few days, but here are my brief impressions and opinion for my second day of the beta test weekend. Minor healing tip included, though I’m sure most players have already figured this one out for themselves.

For day 2 I planned to mostly try out the revenant’s weapons (aside from the hammer as it was the default weapon of choice on day 2). The weapons were the mace (main)/axe (offhand) combo and the staff.


  • The mace/axe combo was exceedingly easy to adjust to. Nicely paced, perhaps slightly more so than the hammer and exceedingly so compared to the staff.
  • The staff disappointed me in a number of ways and felt the least polished of the weapons and skills. It seemed slow and geared solely for use with the Legendary Centaur Stance. It left me feeling a little like a monk from Guild Wars in game play. But that might have just been me.
  • The revenant (as of this beta) seems to lack a speed skills/specializations that so many others professions have (i.e. Signet of Shadows for thief, Streamlined Kits for engi Tools specialization). Perhaps I’ve just missed the skill/specialization/weapon combo needed.
  • Three revenants, each using a different legendary stance, in coordination can be pretty devastating.
  • Still finding mace/axe revs seem to synergize especially well with guardians, particularly if you know the guards style of play.
  • I found staff a little frustrating to play, mainly because it felt weaker and slower than the weapons choices.
  • Healing Tip: If you’ve been managing your rev’s energy/upkeep well in combat, you’ll be able to switch between legendary stances fairly quickly to use each legendary’s heal skill. Saved my bacon more than once already. This seemed to work best for Demon and Dwarf since Centaur seems geared for healing and party support anyway.

More to come.

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