GW2 Golem Event

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Many don’t seem to like the Golem Event but I do. Perhaps, not as a regular thing mind you, but fun still. I hadn’t planned on spending much time on Guild Wars 2 tonight as I mainly just wanted to see if I was going to be stuck as Badlands for another week in EotM (Yup, proceed with forehead meeting desk).

So this guy started popping out golems saying he wanted everyone in one. Sure, why not? Something novel to do in the usual, somewhat predictable Mists. It’s kind of like when a Koda Run (KodaLife!) occurs, you do it because it’s different and can break up the monotony.

A couple of pics from our romp across EotM.

Golems Galore
Golems Galore
Mighty golems
Mighty golems


I did have a glitch and got booted from my first golem at one point, but our “Alpha” quickly made another available. Sadly, after fifteen to twenty minutes the Golem Squad was done having worked our way through OG and FR with our final stop at the Forge.

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