GW2 Revenant News

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Today we learned of some changes to the Revenant as a result of the Beta Weekend.

Among the changes:

  • Weapon swapping. (Yes, please. I had a draft post with some more of my thoughs on the Revenant queued up that included my pondering on whether Revenant’s should have weapons swapping.)
  • Staff damage will be increased. (Yes, again. I think the amounts will bring the staff skills in line with the other weapons choices.)
  • Legendary centaur stance and legendary dwarf stance are being modified a bit, particularly centaur stance for playability. Legendary demon stance will also see some changes to make it a bit better, especially in how self-applied (self-inflicted is what started calling them) conditions work.
  • Retribution will allow Revs to become more tank-like. A good way to go with that specialization I think.

Available to play during the next iteration of the Revenant will be the legendary assassin stance. Should be fun.

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