GW2 Revenant Gameplay Day 2 Part 2

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And yet more Revenant game play from Day 2 of the Beta event.

By this time a number of questions have come to mind for me:

  • Speed/quickness seems to be lacking, or I’ve simply not discovered the correct mix of skills, weapons, and specializations to achieve some reasonable speed/quickness for the revenant.
  • Why does the revenant lack weapon swapping capability? As it currently stands in this beta form, the lack of weapon swapping actually seems to hinder the profession. Given that the weapon sets in and of themselves are not as powerful and potentially devestating as say Elementalists and Engineers, the only other professions that lack weapon swapping ability puts revenants at a slight disadvantage compared to other professions. (Ed. Note: The devs revealed that they would be giving the revenant weapon swapping capabilities in the next iteration.)
  • Are stances tied primarily to weapon sets? Staff seems to meant to be used exclusively with Legendary Centaur Stance, Hammer with Dwarf, and Mace/Axe with Demon. At least that’s how it feels to me.

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