GW2 BWE1 Brief Thoughts

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Here are some brief thoughts and comments I have for the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Beta Weekend 1.


Let me start by saying I rarely play mesmer and admit I’m not particularly good at it. I didn’t go full chronomancer at any point during the BWE1 but that’s more because I didn’t feel I could give the new specialization the justice it deserves, especially with the number of really good mesmer players who could do a far better job delving into the chronomancer traits. I did enjoy the new ability to use shields and wells. Sadly my vids for the wells was corrupted somehow, so I have no examples of those to share.  I do have some footage of playing around in PvP using other traits in the chronomancer line that play quite well.


Highly anticipated by myself, I found the Dragonhunter a bit of a mixed bag. I wouldn’t go full Dragonhunter (longbow and traps) as the bow seemed slightly underpowered or slow in some cases and the traps felt a bit tricky at times (such as Purification trap), but each separately used with another weapons combo seemed pretty effective. I especially liked Fragments of Faith trap and the elite Dragon’s Maw trap. This could be because I didn’t have my traits set properly. Overall thought, Dragonhunter has some great potential I think.


The reaper felt like one of the most polished of the specializations showcased for BWE1. Greatswords? Yes please. New shouts…nice. Very nice. While I enjoyed the greatsword and reaper’s shroud, I think it was the shouts I had the most fun with, especially against some of the more…ahem…annoying critters encountered. Nice timing and speed to the skills as well. I didn’t feel like they were either too slow or too underpowered.


Another specialization I enjoyed playing this weekend, though I think it might have been slightly too powerful at times with the overloads. As with the Reaper I really enjoyed the shouts. The warhorn skills also proved interesting to work into the play of an elementalist. I actually enjoyed using the elementalist in WvW with a worhorn, it definitely through off some of the enemy zerg players and added some interesting capabilities.


More to come in the following days for each specialization, weapons, a brief feel for the new map and event chains, gliders and the art of not falling from the sky and of course more Revenant action!

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