GW2 Elementalist Elite Specialization: Tempest

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Masters of fire, water, earth, and air, the elementalist is one of my favorite professions in the game, though admittedly I do not play eles often. I’m pretty interested in the new Elite specialization for the profession: Tempest. I think it will finally allow elementalists to break the common expectation of just being backline support for the front and middle liners, granted at times quite powerful support. With the new capability of using warhorn coupled with the overload of element attunement should definitely make playing ele a different experience that it was before.

For a full description of these new abilities for elementals read: Meet the Tempest.


I find this an interesting concept to implement for elementalists. In essence you build up a particular attunement to the point that allows you release a special ability that drains that attunement for a set amount of time. In effect you put all your energy in one attunement and then exhausted it for what was hopefully a suitably devastating effect on your opponents.

  1. Overload Fire – Build a tornado over time. Damages and burns enemies while granting might to allies. Leaves a fiery tornado.
  2. Overload Water – An aquatic bubble. Regenerate and cleanse conditions from self and allies. At the end releases a massive heal for allies.
  3. Overload Earth – Effectively bend the earth to your will. Cripples opponents and protects allies. In the end, releases an immobilizing blast.
  4. Overload Air – A cloud that strikes enemy. Leaves a lightning field at you location that continues to strike enemies.


The Elementalists newest weapon: the war horn. Only a few horn skills are mentioned in passing but are consistent with the attunements (water = heal, air = mitigate opponents movements). Another note was the horns would unlock elementalists potential to share and extend duration of boons among allies.

You Make Me Wanna Shout!

That’s right, elementalists are getting some shout utility skills!

Among those are:

  1. Wash Away the Pain! (Heal) I have to interject here that some GW2 players might be tempted to make calgon jokes at this one. Calgon take me away!
  2. Feel the Burn! (Utility) Burns.
  3. Eye of the Storm! (Utility) Break stun, super speed burst.
  4. Aftershock! (Utility) Cripple, immobilize foes.
  5. Flash Freeze! (Utility) Chill foes.
  6. Rebound! (Elite) 25% reduced charge for next ability used for allies


And finally ArenaNet teases us with three new traits as an example of what’s to come. I can’t blame them, they just need to whet our appetite enough to keep us interested. For me they have.

  1. Singularity (Minor Trait) – Unlocks ability to overload attunements.
  2. Speedy Conduits (Minor Trait) – Swiftness while overloading an attunement.
  3. Hardy Conduit (Minor Trait) – Gain protection when starting an overload ability.

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