Guild Wars 2 Pact Commander Masteries

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In the most recent episode of Points of Interest introduced one of the primary Mastery lines for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

I really like the idea behind Pact Commander line on several levels:

  1. Pact Mentor Mastery – a good way to encourage and reward helpful players in assisting fellow players, especially those new to Guild Wars 2.
  2. Productive Downtime – to help about with forthcoming legendary precursor mastery.
  3. Supply Line Management – so we spend all that unused karma for nifty new items to craft
  4. Noblesse Oblige – while I’ve never seen anyone deliberately avoid rezzing a player, I like this one since it may make rezzing a bit quicker and mitigate some of the down penalty/armor damage
  5. Advanced Logistics – Basically, lots of loot directly to your inventory!

I think all of these are good ways to reward current players and encourage support for new players who may be drawn into the game with the release of Heart of Thorns.

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