GWE2 Day One Thoughts

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Some brief comments of the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorn second Beta Weekend Event (BWE2).

I noticed the overall game had a few intermittent glitches: lag, graphic and sound anomalies, and so on that were minor but did create a few interesting moments (see previous post about Rana). These seemed more common in the beta area but did spill over some. Whether it was the game server or my connection, who knows? I tend to think it might have been the servers given a fellow guildie was having terrible issues for a short while.


Beta Character: Betawax (Female Asura)

Replaced Beta Character: Betaghast (Male Asuran Necromancer)

Betawax - female asura warrior

I was actually surprised to find that I don’t really like the warrior’s new Beserker elite specialization. Perhaps I was just employing it incorrectly since it has been a while since I played a warrior. I’ll reserve judgment until I have a little more playtime with it. The torch skills were good but not sure I’ll use a torch much. The utility skills were interesting but felt either a little weak or a little slow. I found myself using Sundering Leap the most of all of the utility skills so far.


Beta Character: Betakyra (Female Human)

Replaced Beta Character: Betapyra (Female Norn Elementalist)


I found I liked the thief Daredevil specialization rather fun to play, though like the Berserker utility skills felt a little weak or slow. The staff weapon skills seem to flow well, though it took me several minutes to work out a good chain of attack that didn’t leave my initiative empty. Once that was done, it was just a matter of getting used to the gameplay for a staff. For me it felt so foreign from the usual daggers and pistols combinations I usually employ when I play thief but it was good.

Tomorrow is the bigger day for me: trying out the Revenant again on the beta character, Rev Charrma.

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