GW2 BWE2 Overall Thoughts

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Some good and some bad thoughts on GW2 BME2. I’ll start with the good, and end with the bad.

Loved the new area they opened up to the players to explore. Beautiful scenery in some areas, too. Music is mostly good, though there is one jungle tune I find kind of silly to listen to. Some hilarious areas such as the assorted nobles and servants scattered throughout the area and the things they’re doing. And Lord Faren makes an…um…appearance during an event in Verdant Brink which is equally parts comical as it is disturbing.

There were some interesting events and challenges to be had, some rather repetitive to the point where a lot of players ignored them to go elsewhere on the map in the instances I was in. For the most part the assorted enemies to fight were well balanced and not ridiculously overpowered, save perhaps the Smokescales and Legendary Diarmid who seemed overly powerful. I will say I feel that if this beta is going to be the end result for HoT, people will need to be a bit more on their game and definitely invest in some good weapons and armor sets to counteract some of the areas foes. There were some interesting boss fights as well with some mechanics to them I don’t recall seeing in Guild Wars 2 before (or its been so long I’ve forgotten). One of them certainly kicked the crap out of my guardian, Betamaiden, and the group I was in but it wasn’t insanely difficult and we did take it down.

No Go

I hate saying this, but I am extremely disappointed with the second Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns weekend beta event as far as professions went. I appreciate the developers allowing players to try out new skills and whatnot, but for me this aspect of the event became nearly pointless for me when it became clear I could not use any of the revenant’s new Legendary Dragon Stance. Worse, the supposed fix actually stripped the Herald specialization option and deleted  (not removed, deleted) the shield I was using when I went to try a suggested fix of playing PvP. So yeah, slightly annoyed at what is mostly a bust weekend for me in this regard. The other suggested option would be a complete waste of time now: reroll the beta character with no guarantee the fix would even work. So…no.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciated being able to try out some of the other elite specializations but my intended focus for the event was to concentrate of the revenant profession. Ah, well. Hopefully they’ll be one more beta before the release.

Rana Naps

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