Daily GW2: Shatter vs Siege

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And by Shatter I refer to one of my favorite entertaining commanders in EotM, Shatterbonez. (Not Odyl Shatterpaw.)

Anyway, here I was yesterday whining about EotM being dead for the week and what happens? Shatter shows up to command tonight. Which, to me, was awesome. As is common with Shatter commanding we had a lot of fights interspersed with the capping. All of this made even better with [SW]’s Siege Jimmeh commanding FR and eager to bag hunt.

Odyl Shatterpaw, Shatterbonez, and others rallying post battle of the Juncture.

And lots of fun was had especially when I realized at least one player from CUTE’s sister guild, MINI, was also present on the OG side of things. (Don’t know if they were commanding or not, but I suspect not. The style didn’t really fit MINI’s usual tactics.) Numerous clashes, and a pretty even score between the teams for a while. Sadly some BL players got frustrated and left, eventually weakening BL to the point of not really being able to keep up with FR.

The two funniest moments:

  1. The three-way battle for the sky pirate’s courtyard (aka The Juncture) was hilarious to partake in and watch. Primarily this was funny because each side basically took a corner and kept rallying there before attacking whichever of the other two sides were fighting in the middle of the Juncture’s courtyard.
  2. Siege Jimmeh’s Trap. Basically BL got overeager thinking the lone Siege Warrior [SW] charr that was running from the Needle was an easy kill. He was until the rest of [SW] and FR showed up. I suspected a trap and didn’t go after Jimmeh but didn’t react in time before being steamrolled myself.

All in all, an entertaining night of fights in EotM.


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