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Path of Fire Wallpaper

Like many I was and am extremely excited about the next expansion to Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. The bits of information released for general consumption make it look like the expansion is going to be an excellent addition to Guild Wars. Even better is the pre-release is already available for purchase with three versions with increasing price available commensurate with some in-game items.

First, before I go any further, are some important dates:

Path of Fire Demo Weekend – August 11 thru August 13

The demo weekend is available to all players.

Path of Fire Release Date: September 22, 2017

Remember the date. Love the date. Play the date.

Minor sorta spoiler under the cut if you haven’t seen the official website or trailer.

So let get into some of the meat of the announcement. I won’t go into too much detail here since there are far more versed websites and blogs that this one to do that.

Location: The Crystal Desert with five open world maps

Story: To put it succinctly, Balthazar is back and he’s not happy.


While I am not one of the many players that had been hoping for mounts I am pleased that they are being added to the game. Best of all these mounts will be available to use across Tyria. Sweet.

There will be four new mounts introduced with the expansion, along with a mastery system. The four types are: Raptor, Springer, Skimmer, and Jackal. Each of them have a special movement capability comparable to their species. They all sound rather fascinating to me. I appreciate also avoiding some of traditional ideas for mounts (i.e. horses) for the initial mounts being added to the game. I hope this means we may see additional mounts in the future if their mechanics work well with game play.

Elite Specializations

There will be none new elite specializations added to the game, one per profession.

Elementalist – Weaver (sword, attune two elements simultaneously, stances)

Engineer – Holosmith (sword, heat management, Photon Forge)

Guardian – Firebrand (axes, tomes replacing virtues, mantras)

Mesmer – Mirage (axe, new dodge, Deceptions)

Necromancer – Scourge (torch, Shades replacing Death Shroud, Punishments)

Ranger – Soulbeast (dagger main hand, Pet Channeling, stances)

Revenant – Renegade (shortbow, Kalla Scorchrazor)

Thief – Deadeye (rifle, Cantrips)

Warrior – Spellbreaker (dagger, meditations)

As I play Ranger the most, I am extremely interested in Soulbeast and what the possibilities are there. That said, all of the new specializations look interesting. My curiosity is piqued by the Warrior’s Spellbreaker as I hope it means there will be some revitalization to the profession. As for the Thief’s Deadeye I can see it as a logical extension of the profession. (Kind of wish Ranger could have rifles, but that’s fine.)

So that’s a quick summary of things so far for the Path of Fire expansion.


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