Who Are We?

First off, the legalese…

Embertails is a fan run not for profit blog. We are not affiliated with ArenaNet, NC Soft or any other affiliations associated to Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 and related media.

Now on to the good stuff…

Embertail’s is a Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 fan blog originally called Ascalon Burning. After allowing that blog to fall in to disuse as well as dealing with server host issues, I’ve revived the blog here on WordPress. Unfortunately much of the original blog’s content was lost through a series of server issues and corrupted backups but what did survive will be posted here over time. The new Embertail’s will be by comments, notes, questions, quirkiness, and any thing else GW2-ish that catches my fancy or I feel worthy of noting.


The Blogger

My name is Karolyn Gray. My IGN is Gena Aster (Gena Aster.8790).

Chat: Embertail#5758 (Discord, aka Embertail)

Server: Ehmry Bay (good ol’ EBay)

Current Guild(s): Sky Linkshell [Sky], The Fighters of Noumenon [foxy], Harmonic Dissonance [Noiz], Serial Killers Inc [SK], Death by Cuteness [CUTE]

Prior Guilds: The Reckless [Reck]

Unofficial affiliations (aka peeps I play alongside/hangout with in game a lot): Dungeon Elite [DE], Gore And Chaos


I consider myself a PvX type player, though I do tend to stick to PvE more out of a lack of time to really put in some serious effort into PvP and WvW.

You can view my Characters page to see my main and alts that I play in Guild Wars 2.


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