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GW2PoF: Raptors – Dyes, Behavior, Mastery Video

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The following video shows some examples of how dyes can customize the appearance of Raptor mounts, some of the programmed behavior animations, and some of the RaptorĀ  mastery skills.


GW2PoF: Raptor Intro Video

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Spoiler warning! This is a video introducing the Raptor mount and the event to be completed to acquire one.

GW2PoF: Elite Specializations Preview

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So coming off the high from the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire open weekend, players will get to try out the new elite specializations August 18 through August 20 in PvP and WvW. Awesome!

Also, note these dates as well for more PoF fun:

Mount Week begins August 28

Crystal Desert / Story Week begins September 3

I will posting a couple of PoF vids tomorrow, both focusing on Raptor mounts. Vids to be expected later in the week include general play, mastery points, and general in game fun. I’ll probably include a vid of bloopers and raptor fails on my part just for giggles, time permitting.

Path of Fire Expansion

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Path of Fire Wallpaper

Like many I was and am extremely excited about the next expansion to Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. The bits of information released for general consumption make it look like the expansion is going to be an excellent addition to Guild Wars. Even better is the pre-release is already available for purchase with three versions with increasing price available commensurate with some in-game items.

First, before I go any further, are some important dates:

Path of Fire Demo Weekend – August 11 thru August 13

The demo weekend is available to all players.

Path of Fire Release Date: September 22, 2017

Remember the date. Love the date. Play the date.

Minor sorta spoiler under the cut if you haven’t seen the official website or trailer.

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GW2: Spinning

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So I can’t really do much tonight on Guild Wars 2 thanks to some server issues apparently related to some DDOS attack. I did get a somewhat amusing clip out of it though.

Guild Wars 2 character: Jayinx

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A semi artistic image of my charr elementalist, Jayinx.

GW2: A Slow Night

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Little slow tonight in EotM, but it was nice to run around with some CUTE guildies, especially one as our Commander. And got my dailies done in like five to ten minutes so it’s all good. Nickey may have new to commanding but did a good job for being inexperienced. I think it helped that Jimmeh and his fellow Siege Warriors [SW] were not out in force on the map, though JUST was out and about.

Turned in early after our Comm had to leave since I’m not feeling my best today.