Time Flies

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And apparently so did I.

I’ve been terribly neglectful of this blog due to real life (work, school, et al) but I’m going to make an effort to post at least once a week with some decent content.


Guild Wars 2 character: Jayinx

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A semi artistic image of my charr elementalist, Jayinx.

GW2: A Slow Night

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Little slow tonight in EotM, but it was nice to run around with some CUTE guildies, especially one as our Commander. And got my dailies done in like five to ten minutes so it’s all good. Nickey may have new to commanding but did a good job for being inexperienced. I think it helped that Jimmeh and his fellow Siege Warriors [SW] were not out in force on the map, though JUST was out and about.

Turned in early after our Comm had to leave since I’m not feeling my best today.

Daily GW2: Shatter vs Siege

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And by Shatter I refer to one of my favorite entertaining commanders in EotM, Shatterbonez. (Not Odyl Shatterpaw.)

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Daily GW2: Asura Assault Squad

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Odyl and FRR
Odyl Shatterpaw and the FRR Asura Assault Squad

This week in EotM is general is going to suck. I can tell already between a lack of decent commanders and the fact that Siege Jimmeh [SW] is primarily leading FR during the same time period I’m on and most of my fellow guildies of [CUTE] are either OG or FR. Shout out to [CUTE]’s Riley. I really shouldn’t complain though since I do have a Commander tag and just don’t use it. Put or shut up, right?

Still there are some awesomely hilarious things happening for the BL in EotM. In my case I came across the FRR guild running about EotM hunting OG and FR with a reckless abandon that was infectious and quickly drew me into their shenanigans. I have to admit the nearly all asuran squad were awesome. I mean how often do you see FR and OG zergs easily triple the size of this small group actually flee?

OK, that happened only twice, maybe three, times while I was running with them, but still…

The fact that a single small guild squad had both opposing teams hesitating before attacking says something to me. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye for this guild in the future.

From the Mists

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I can’t believe it’s been nearly five months since I last posted here. School and work wreaking havoc on my gaming time. Not to say I haven’t been busy.

Still enjoying time with Death by Cuteness [CUTE] though we all miss Cute Guard and hope CG returns soon. I’ve started getting back into PvP and joined Serial Killer Inc [SK] a primarily PvP guild in the hopes of fostering my PvP skills.

My newest character is a charr Mesmer, Odyl Shatterpaw, who reminds me off a cross between The Matrix‘s Morpheus and a half-glam/half punk rock musician from the 80s or 90s. Well, if they were a blue-grey furred male charr.

Guild Wars 2 Funny Images of the Day

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The Mad King's Hot Tub is an afterhours must do...
The Mad King’s Psycho-delic Hot TubĀ is an afterhours must do…


Don't feed the addiction! Just  don't....
Don’t feed the addiction! Just don’t….


We all know banks can be hellish but...
We all know banks can be hellish but…