From the Mists

I can’t believe it’s been nearly five months since I last posted here. School and work wreaking havoc on my gaming time. Not to say I haven’t been busy.

Still enjoying time with Death by Cuteness [CUTE] though we all miss Cute Guard and hope CG returns soon. I’ve started getting back into PvP and joined Serial Killer Inc [SK] a primarily PvP guild in the hopes of fostering my PvP skills.

My newest character is a charr Mesmer, Odyl Shatterpaw, who reminds me off a cross between The Matrix‘s Morpheus and a half-glam/half punk rock musician from the 80s or 90s. Well, if they were a blue-grey furred male charr.

Ascalon Burning…

Ascalon has burned to ash. All that now remains is embers….

                                                — Rana Embertail, Ember Warband, Ash Legion.

Ascalon Burning, my old Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 blog died a rather ignoble death though a combination of technical difficulties and neglect on my part. Embertail’s will be my attempt to revive that old blog, and re post what remains of that data here while continuing my commentary, notes, and observations on the ever evolving story of Guild Wars 2. In remembrance I post the original header used on that blog in 2011.

Ascalon Burning Banner

2011 Ascalon Burning Masthead