Daily GW2: Asura Assault Squad

Odyl and FRR

Odyl Shatterpaw and the FRR Asura Assault Squad

This week in EotM is general is going to suck. I can tell already between a lack of decent commanders and the fact that Siege Jimmeh [SW] is primarily leading FR during the same time period I’m on and most of my fellow guildies of [CUTE] are either OG or FR. Shout out to [CUTE]’s Riley. I really shouldn’t complain though since I do have a Commander tag and just don’t use it. Put or shut up, right?

Still there are some awesomely hilarious things happening for the BL in EotM. In my case I came across the FRR guild running about EotM hunting OG and FR with a reckless abandon that was infectious and quickly drew me into their shenanigans. I have to admit the nearly all asuran squad were awesome. I mean how often do you see FR and OG zergs easily triple the size of this small group actually flee?

OK, that happened only twice, maybe three, times while I was running with them, but still…

The fact that a single small guild squad had both opposing teams hesitating before attacking says something to me. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye for this guild in the future.

GW2 Golem Rush Video

Since I’m still working on my revenant series videos I thought I’d share this quick little vid showing some of the Golem Rush action taking place in EotM. Not as many golems as seen on Friday but still a good amount with a mix of Scorpions “for the hell of it” as our commander put it at one point.

First part is a lot of running with the real action starting about 2 minutes in. First attempt at doing any sort of music video so hopefully this wont completely suck.

GW2 Golem Event

Many don’t seem to like the Golem Event but I do. Perhaps, not as a regular thing mind you, but fun still. I hadn’t planned on spending much time on Guild Wars 2 tonight as I mainly just wanted to see if I was going to be stuck as Badlands for another week in EotM (Yup, proceed with forehead meeting desk).

So this guy started popping out golems saying he wanted everyone in one. Sure, why not? Something novel to do in the usual, somewhat predictable Mists. It’s kind of like when a Koda Run (KodaLife!) occurs, you do it because it’s different and can break up the monotony.

A couple of pics from our romp across EotM.

Golems Galore

Golems Galore

Mighty golems

Mighty golems


I did have a glitch and got booted from my first golem at one point, but our “Alpha” quickly made another available. Sadly, after fifteen to twenty minutes the Golem Squad was done having worked our way through OG and FR with our final stop at the Forge.