GW2PoF: Raptor Intro Video

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Spoiler warning! This is a video introducing the Raptor mount and the event to be completed to acquire one.


GW2PoF: Elite Specializations Preview

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So coming off the high from the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire open weekend, players will get to try out the new elite specializations August 18 through August 20 in PvP and WvW. Awesome!

Also, note these dates as well for more PoF fun:

Mount Week begins August 28

Crystal Desert / Story Week begins September 3

I will posting a couple of PoF vids tomorrow, both focusing on Raptor mounts. Vids to be expected later in the week include general play, mastery points, and general in game fun. I’ll probably include a vid of bloopers and raptor fails on my part just for giggles, time permitting.

GW2PoF: Final Night

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So the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire event is coming to a close soon. It’s been really fun getting a taste of what is to come with the new expansion. I’ll be putting out some videos over the next few days. Thanks to all the players, commanders, and mentors I got to play alongside for the demo. You were all awesome, friendly people.

For now here are a couple of caps.

Beta Crisium - Desert Sky
Beta Crisium – Night Sky

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Guild Wars 2 Funny Images of the Day

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The Mad King's Hot Tub is an afterhours must do...
The Mad King’s Psycho-delic Hot TubĀ is an afterhours must do…


Don't feed the addiction! Just  don't....
Don’t feed the addiction! Just don’t….


We all know banks can be hellish but...
We all know banks can be hellish but…


GW2 BWE2 Overall Thoughts

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Some good and some bad thoughts on GW2 BME2. I’ll start with the good, and end with the bad.

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GWE2 Day One Thoughts

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Some brief comments of the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorn second Beta Weekend Event (BWE2).

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GW2 BWE1: Revenant Weapons Test PvP

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I decided to test out some of the revenant weapons in the PvP training ground to see how they were improved from the revenant beta test weekend. I tested the staff (shown in another video set), hammer, mace/axe combo and the dual swords. I never did try out mace/sword, or */shield combos.

Hammer in PvP:

Still arguably my favorite weapon choice for the revenant. The hammer didn’t really feel too much different from the revenant beta test, just a bit more polished in skill activation and chaining.


Obviously the dual swords were not available until the Legendary Assassin Stance, but the skills felt well done. This combo could well knock off the hammer as my favorite revenant weapon.


Mace/Axe felt slightly improved to me. They had become something a favorite of mine from the revenant beta weekend so I was quite pleased to see the slight changes.