GW2: Spinning

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So I can’t really do much tonight on Guild Wars 2 thanks to some server issues apparently related to some DDOS attack. I did get a somewhat amusing clip out of it though.


Guild Wars 2 Funny Images of the Day

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The Mad King's Hot Tub is an afterhours must do...
The Mad King’s Psycho-delic Hot TubĀ is an afterhours must do…


Don't feed the addiction! Just  don't....
Don’t feed the addiction! Just don’t….


We all know banks can be hellish but...
We all know banks can be hellish but…


GW2: Rana Meets Herself

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An amusing little glitch that showed up in EotM for my charr ranger, Rana Embertail.

Rana v Rana
Rana vs Rana

GW2: What Lies Beneath the Vines?

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What lies beneath the vines? Rev Charrma discovered the horrible truth.

GW2 BWE1: I’m A Leaf on the Wind (Gliders)

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A humorous video of some of my first attempts at using the glider during the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event. I have no idea what was going on with the glider not activating or activating slowly. I eventually restarted the game and that seemed to solve the problem.

Guild Wars 2: Better Than Moot Loot

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Really? You just had to make my norn guardian say “moot loot”? So much for trying to be badass. (Well, as badass as a level 24 guardian can be.)