Rev Charrma Mistpaw

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My new Revenant for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is Rev Charrma Mistpaw. I had hoped to have the name Rev Charrma Mistpelt, but the name was too long. I suppose I could have dropped the Rev part of the name but I didn’t want to. The name has gotten some interesting reactions in game so far ranging from “Ew, it’s a revenant” (coming from a noble soul rezzing me in EotM, O.o) from “that charr Mistpaw scared him off” (“him” referring to Mad King Thorn, due to the event starting late).
Rev Charrma Mistpaw
The character is very similar in appearance to my beta character Rev Charrma, though I did use a makeover kit to redo the hair and some other appearance items that were bothering me.

RevCharrma - Revenant

I admit I speed leveled the character to level 80 using a scroll (to get to level 20) and Tombs of Knowledge (to get to 80). I still have a ridiculous amount of tombs left, though. Probably a good thing since I do have one more unused character slot.


GW2 BWE1: Revenant Weapons Test PvP

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I decided to test out some of the revenant weapons in the PvP training ground to see how they were improved from the revenant beta test weekend. I tested the staff (shown in another video set), hammer, mace/axe combo and the dual swords. I never did try out mace/sword, or */shield combos.

Hammer in PvP:

Still arguably my favorite weapon choice for the revenant. The hammer didn’t really feel too much different from the revenant beta test, just a bit more polished in skill activation and chaining.


Obviously the dual swords were not available until the Legendary Assassin Stance, but the skills felt well done. This combo could well knock off the hammer as my favorite revenant weapon.


Mace/Axe felt slightly improved to me. They had become something a favorite of mine from the revenant beta weekend so I was quite pleased to see the slight changes.

GW2 BWE1 Improved Revenant Staff

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To me it felt like the revenant staff skills were improved and smoother from the revenant beta weekend. Much better movement and flow.

This was especially noticeable in the PvP training ground.


BWE1 Revenant Assassin Skills EotM Pt 3

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More revenent action from EotM.

Music: “Keys to the Castle” by The126ers

BWE1 Revenant Assassin Skills EotM Pt 2

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More revenant wandering through EotM with the zerg.

Music: “Elephants” by Huma-Huma

BWE1 Revenant Assassin Skills EotM Pt 1

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A video with some revenant action in EotM during the first day of the Beta Weekend Event.


“Fight or Flight” (Artist Ethan Meixsell)
“March On”  (Artist Ethan Meixsell)


Revenant Elite Specialization: The Herald

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The Revenant’s Elite Specialization was announced today. And I can say I’m definitely stoked even if the Herald is meant to focus on a support role.

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