Guild Wars 2 Characters

Gena Aster (Main) Female human Ranger.

Garn Ironfire Male charr Engineer

Cedar Eavesdrop Male sylvari Thief

Gena Grimhold Female norn Necromancer

Arhekk Male asura Guardian

Harman Arashi  Male human Elementalist

Tephra Gorebrand  Female charr Warrior

Tattva Duskbloom Female sylvari Mesmer

Rana Embertail Female charr Ranger. (The Party Charr. I more know me through Rana’s music/drum circles than the other characters combined.)

Jyuoken Male norn Guardian. Bonus cookies to those who get the name reference.

Researcher Yomi Female asuran Necromancer

Jayinx Female charr Elementalist

Gena Redmane Human female Warrior

Arbatus (deleted) Sylvari male Warrior

Arbiter Lightpaw Male charr Guradian. (AKA: Arbie)

Mal Shadowpaw Male charr Thief

Ionnik Male asura Engineer

Odyl Shatterpaw male charr Mesmer

Sora Feralpaw female charr Engineer

Cynders Warborn male charr Revenant


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